Steve Wynns Yacht

Aquarius- a floating palace

Steve Wynns yacht exemplifies indulgence and sophistication. Its remarkable design and cutting-edge amenities offer unparalleled cruising. The yacht’s elegant exterior sets it apart from the other vessels making a memorable impression.

Steve Wynn yacht owner’s attention to detail is very evident in every corner and design. The masterpiece is an iconic symbol of success and refined taste. It’s been gracing the shores of global glamorous destinations drawing attention and admiration from viewers. You can check its availability from a yacht rental in Palm Jumeirah for an experience of a lifetime.

Extravagant features of Steve Wynn yacht

Steve Wynns Superyacht

The superyacht offers many lavish features for the ultimate comfort and entertainment of the passengers. Let’s have a look at a few of them:

  • Grand living spaces
  • Top-class entertainment
  • Outdoor amusement

Grand living spaces

The lavishly appointed cabins adorned with the finest materials offer an opportunity for pure indulgence. If we talk about the master suite alone, it screams grandeur. Featuring a private lounge and a spacious bathroom, it also offers stunning panoramic views of the seas.

Top-class entertainment

There’s no dearth of entertainment onboard. Enjoy your favorite movies in utmost comfort in the lavish theater room. Rejuvenate in a dedicated spa and wellness area and maintain your fitness in a fully equipped gym. Have the perfect setting for socializing at the bars and lounges to enjoy the company of your close ones.

Steve Wynn Yacht

Outdoor amusement

While you’re guaranteed to have a wonderful leisure time inside the yacht, you can also enjoy max comfort and fun in the expansive outdoor spaces. Have a dip in the luxurious swimming pool or bask in the sun while taking in breathtaking views. Furthermore, you can also experience a range of water activities thanks to in-house jet skis, paddleboards and diving equipment.

Steve Wynn yacht price

The Aquarius superyacht was acquired at a whopping estimate of US $200 million. The yacht’s exceptional luxury and impeccable design justify the substantial investment involved. The famous yacht is also available for charter.

Those who love and can afford exclusivity allowing discerning can experience it firsthand. If you’re looking for an indulgent escape, you can hire it for a weekly rate of US $1.5 million and enjoy an extraordinary opportunity to immerse in luxury yachting.

Steve Wynns Yacht Price

Key specifications of the Aquarius superyacht

The Aquarius (now called Maria) is a remarkable vessel that reflects elegance and luxury. Built by Feadship and designed by the famous Sinot Yacht Design, this floating majesty hosts many impressive features. The table below presents the key details of the superyacht:

Specification Details
Name Aquarius
Owner Steve Wynn
Length 92 m (302 ft.)
Guests 14 in 7 cabins
Crew 30 in 16 cabins
Builder Feadship
Designer Sinot Yacht Design
Year 2016
Speed 17 knots
Engines MTU
Volume 2,856 tons
Price US $200 million
Annual running cost US $10 – 15 million

Sail in elegance on Steve Wynns yacht

Yacht Steve Wynn

With its gorgeous design, impressive features and jaw-dropping price tag, the Aquarius superyacht stands as an epitome of unparalleled opulence on the seas. The keen attention to detail and breathtaking perfection reflects the owner’s discerning taste and has a solid status as a symbol of extravagance. This floating paradise has been capturing the attention and fascination of enthusiasts around the globe.

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