Unforgettable Sailing Experience With Yacht Rental Palm Jumeirah

At Yachtrentalpalmyumeirah.com, we provide a lifetime sailing experience to our customers through our 100+ premium and modern yachts. The personalized yachting services that we provide will never disappoint you. No matter if you want to make your birthday party memorable or have some intimate moments with your loved ones. For the convenience of our customers, we provide multiple pick-ups and drop-off points. Some of those points are:

  • Bulgari
  • Marina Walk
  • Dubai Marina Yacht Club
  • Pier 7
  • Jabal Ali Marina
  • Dubai Harbour
  • Mina Rashid
  • Al Seef Marina
  • Jumeirah Fishing Harbour
  • Anantara Palm
  • Dubai Marina West
  • Dubai Marina East

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Yacht Rental Packages That Make Us Distinctive

Our premium yacht rental packages can enhance your sailing experience and make it unforgettable for you. We offer multiple services such as movie projectors, deep sea fishing, dancers, barbeque stations, singers, DJs, and event-based decorations. All of our personalized services will allow customers the opportunity to enjoy an exceptional celebration. Below are some details about our premium packages to make your events delightful.

Formula 1

The Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2022 is going to be an exciting event that will be held between November 17 and November 21. To get an excellent visual experience of this event, you can book our top-class luxury yachts. We will provide you with the finest views of the racecourse while entertaining you with exquisite hospitality. Depending on your requirements and the yacht you choose, this event’s price package will be from 175,000 AED to 1,500,000 AED. Besides the premium yacht, you can also get inclusions like marina passes and berthing in our package.

Anniversary Celebrations

You can get services like customizable decorations, canapes, music, lighting, and premium wines while planning your anniversary celebration by contacting yacht rental in Palm Jumeirah. We ensure you can have a nice and intimate time with your loved one. You can even ask your family members to join you on your big occasion and enjoy a memorable night on the coastline of Dubai. Look at our yacht models and package inclusions available in the following table.

Models Prices Package Inclusions
Benetti 150,000 AED Special Decoration, Wine & Lighting Flowers, Music
Fairline 25,000 AED Flowers, Music, Wine & Lighting, Special Decoration
Duretti 10,000 AED Virtual Hostess & Selected Drinks, Sound, Canapes

New Year’s Eve Celebration

We have premium yachting options if you want to spend your New Year’s Eve in front of the Palm fountain to watch exciting water shows and fireworks. You can hire our luxury yachts from 9 PM to 3 AM on New Year’s Night. 72 ft San Lorenzo, 85 ft Aicon, and 164 ft Benetti are our top picks for this event. You can find the price of our New Year’s Eve package in the following table.

Yacht Model Package Price
Benetti Code 8 350,000 AED
San Lorenzo FOS 75,000 AED
Duretti Black Pearl 45,000 AED
Aicon Tayget 50,000 AED
Sunseeker Notorious 40,000 AED
Fairline Liberty 35,000 AED

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Birthday Parties

Our luxurious birthday yacht package includes personal DJ service, customized decorations, gourmet food and beverages, and traditional dance shows. We ensure that you enjoy your special day on a top-quality yacht with premium services by a professional crew onboard. In the following table, you will find our top yacht models and the price for the birthday package for each yacht.

Yacht Name Package Price
85 ft Tayget 30,000 AED
72 ft FOS 15,000 AED
110 ft Gems 75,000 AED
76 ft Liberty 15,000 AED
85 ft Black Pearl 15,000 AED
90 ft Notorious 24,000 AED
120 ft Dolce Vita 80,000 AED
164 ft Code 8 100,000 AED

Business Events

Our yacht rental service is capable of making your corporate events memorable and impactful. With our offerings such as relaxing cabins, microphones, sound system, jacuzzi, flybridge, gourmet food, beverages, canapes, and customized decorations, you can positively impact your clients and colleagues. Yacht models that we offer are perfect for corporate events, and their prices are mentioned below.

Yacht Models Package Price
164 ft Code 8 AED 75,000
85 ft Aicon Tayget AED 20,000
85 ft Black Pearl AED 15,000

Our Additional Amenities

As part of our rental services, you can ask for various add-ons. Following are some amenities that can provide an exciting boost to your sailing experience with us.

  • Traditional dance show
  • Live music
  • Gourmet food & beverages
  • Paddleboard
  • Hydrofoil
  • Jetski
  • Expert stewardess
  • Professional DJ

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What To Know While Booking a Yacht Rental in Dubai Jumeirah

You can book a super luxury yacht with Yacht Rental Palm Jumeirah with a few simple steps. Start by inquiring about the yacht you want to take on the trip on our website. The option of contacting us through Whatsapp and booking your yacht is also available.

We have multiple yacht models such as Sunseeker, Azimut, Majesty, and Rodriguez. You can book any of these yachts for an hour, day, or even a whole night. We have the yacht models of top brands like Azimut, Sunseeker, Rodriguez, and Majesty.

Choose extra activities that you want to add to your yacht trip. Gourmet food options, watersports, live entertainment, decoration, and a personal DJ, we have multiple exclusive add-ons for you to choose from.

Different packages such as yachting for birthday events, anniversaries, and corporate events are also available. Once you decide on your customized trip and the services you want, you can make a payment through cash and credit/debit cards. Let us know if you have any queries regarding booking a trip or payment options.

Some of Our Luxurious Yacht Models

At Yacht Rental Palm Jumeirah, you will find some of the most luxurious yacht models made by famous brands. Following is a list of some of our premium models.

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Fairline Liberty

76 ft Fairline Liberty has a top speed of 23 knots. It contains twin 690 hp engines, and it comes with a 33-passenger capacity. For 2,000 AED, you can rent this yacht for an hour, and for the entire day, the renting price is 22,000 AED. It has luxurious rooms with a premium furniture selection. Plus, it also has a separate kitchen which is equipped with all kitchen appliances.

Sunseeker Notorious

Sunseeker Notorious is a huge 90 ft yacht with a passenger capacity of 20 people and 8 overnight guests. It has 4 cabins equipped with high-speed internet and a premium sound system. On its large flybridge, you can enjoy events like birthday parties and New Year’s Eve celebrations. 4000 AED is the price if you want to book it for an hour and to get it for the whole day, the price is 40,000 AED.

Benetti Code 8

We offer Benetti Code 8 for renting purposes which you can get by paying 16,000 AED for an hour and 160,000 AED for the day. It is one of our premium yachts that is 164 ft high and has interior designs created by Zuretti Design. The superyacht comes with 5 cabins, a passenger capacity of 50 people, and 10 overnight guests. It can smoothly and quickly sail on the sea with its 15 knots top speed.

Aicon Tayget

Aicon Tayget is perfect if you want a yacht rental in Dubai Jumeirah. We offer to rent this superyacht at 4,000 AED for an hour and 40,000 for a day. It is an 85 ft premium yacht model with a huge flybridge, a spacious sitting area, and a jacuzzi. It can entertain 20 people at a time through its 3 huge cabins.

Duretti Black Pearl

The 85 ft Duretti Black Peal can accommodate 45 passengers and 6 overnight guests with its 3 cabins. It has a graceful and sleek design with a top speed of 23 knots. In order to book it for an hour, it will cost you 1,500 AED. For the whole day, you can rent it for 20,000 AED.

Destinations That Make Palm Jumeirah a Perfect Yachting Place

Palm Jumeirah is one of the most famous man-made islands in the world. Its mind-blowing attractions, great restaurants, hotel facilities, and shopping venues are famous. You can easily access this location by a number of connected roads and tunnels. Nakheel was the company that developed this place that is owned by the Government of Dubai now.

Renting a yacht and sailing around Palm Jumeirah is one of the top options to pick when exploring the exciting destinations in this place. Some of its appealing attractions are mentioned below.

  • The Pointe
  • The Palm Fountain
  • Palm West Beach
  • Atlantis
  • Club Vista Mare
  • Nakheel Maal

Yacht rental Dubai Jacuzzi

The Pointe

The Pointe was launched in December 2019 and is famous for its magnificent view of Palm Island and Hotel Atlantis. The 1.5 kilometers promenade contains over 100 shops, bars, and restaurants. Whether you are after seafood or fast food, you will get plenty of options here. It is the home of the world’s largest fountain, The Palm Fountain. The Pointe is built on a W-shaped ground, and you will find the Palm Fountain in its center. Some restaurants situated at this place are Hook & Cook, Samakje, A Cappella, Brunch & Cake, Al Safadi, and Chuan. You can find all kinds of international cuisine options, including Indian food, Chinese, Lebanese, and European.

The Palm Fountain

The Palm Fountain in Palm Jumeirah has the Guinness World Record title for the world’s largest fountain. It is spread over 14,000 square feet of seawater. It is the only multi-colored fountain in Dubai. The super shooter this fountain contains can throw water up to 105 meters and be seen through 3,000 LED lights. You can get a yacht rental in Dubai Jumeirah and enjoy the magical firework display here at the Palm Fountain. The fountain is open to the public from sunset to midnight throughout the year. Its water show contains five variations of swaying water on the beats of Khaleeji, classic, international, and pop songs.

Palm West Beach

Palm West Beach offers premium hotels, restaurants, water sports, and exciting views of the Dubai Skyline. It is a pet-friendly destination that contains over 300 palm trees. Palm West Beach Club is stretched across 1.6 kilometers of beachfront and promenade. You can enjoy activities like roller skating and cycling across the beach.

Watersports options such as kayaking, paddle boarding, sea bikes, VR diving, catamarans, and electric hydrofoil surfing are some popular choices here at this beach. Besides natural spots and sports options, it is also famous for shopping purposes. Palm West Beach has brands like Candy, Lola, Atelier, 2 Birds, and Oasis Fashion.


Atlantis is one of the famous man-made wonders in Palm Jumeirah. It was built on the idea of retaining the Arabian elements. This 23-story resort is famous for its astonishing decor and collaborations with Istithmar and Kerzner International Holdings. By visiting the Atlantis through a yacht, you can have an opportunity to enjoy its famous Underwater Signature Suite. This suite is built on three stories and has 24/7 butler service, a personal spa bath, 24-carat gold-flecked soap, and a wide range of premium food options worldwide.

Visitors can enjoy the shining Dubai line through a private helicopter service at the Atlantis. It also provides options to have a relaxing evening on private beaches and exclusive pools. Its 1.4 kilometers of the natural beach is one of the best beaches in the world. Tourists can indulge in adventure watersports as well. Exploring the Lost Chambers Atlantis is a unique adventure that will allow visitors to look at some amazing water inhabitants. Those inhabitants include eels, sea horses, and sharks. At Dolphin Bay, people can also enjoy swimming and play with friendly dolphins.

Club Vista Mare

Club Vista Mare is a beach club facility and waterfront dining destination which is exceptionally famous among residents and tourists. The overall ground level of this place consists of 50,000 square feet of ground. It also has an additional 30,000 square feet of ground assigned for residential purposes. Just get a yacht rental in Palm Jumeirah and visit this exciting beach to have some unforgettable moments.

It has dining destinations that offer exciting and delicious food from Ethiopia, Italy, and the Middle East. Every restaurant in this place has both indoor and outdoor terrace seating. The outdoor space in front of every restaurant has a featuring space directly connected to the beach. Renting a yacht and paying a visit to any of its luxurious beach restaurants is a fine way of glorifying your evening.

Nakheel Mall

Nakheel mall is a leisure destination situated at the heart of Palm Jumeirah. It contains over 300 international food, fashion, and entertainment brands. You can also visit the new Depachika food hall in this mall. It has a city made of lego, Fabyland, Vox Cinemas, trampoline, and bricobilandia. The owner company of this mall, Nakheel, is the one that has developed the island Palm Jumeirah. You can take a yacht rental in Dubai Jumeirah, go to this place, and enjoy its luxurious options.

Frequently asked questions about luxury yacht chartering in Dubai

Can I extend my yacht charter?

You can ask to extend your yacht charter for as long as you desire. Though, you'd need to pay a renewal fee for your yacht charter to be extended.

How many people can be on board a luxury yacht?

We offer various yacht models with different passenger capacities of 6 to 500. For instance, our 220ft Lotus can hold 500 people, whereas our 27 ft Keylargo is perfect for carrying 6 people.

What are the entertainment options available on a yacht rental in Dubai Jumeirah?

You can ask for multiple entertainment options onboard, such as movie projectors, dancers, singers, DJ, deep sea fishing, seabob, jetski, donut ride, and barbeque stations.

How much money does it cost to rent a yacht for the whole day?

Prices for renting a yacht depend on the yacht model you choose. For instance, if you want to rent a small yacht like 42 ft Skipper, you can get it from us for 10,000 AED for the entire day. Hiring a gigantic yacht like our 220 ft Lotus will cost 359,000 AED per day.

What payment methods are available to book a yacht at Yacht Rental Palm Jumeirah?

We accept payments through invoices, cash, and credit cards.

What is included in a yacht's rental price?

The price includes a yacht ride to a specific destination, water, ice, fuel charges, soft drinks, captain, and crew members.

What is the cancelation policy of yacht rental?

50% of charter value will be forfeited if a customer cancels a booking 5 days before departure, and 100% if the cancellation is before 3 days.

Is it possible to spend a night on a yacht rental in Palm Jumeirah?

Yes, it is possible to spend a night on any of our yachts. We offer yachts with spacious bedrooms so people can spend the night on board.